Are You Ready For a Committed Relationship ?




When we were young, we were told that one day, we’d live happily ever after. But now that we’ve grown up, we’ve come to realize that relationships — and life in general — is far, far more complicated than that.

When a relationship begins, it is a love affair. Fascination, joy, sex, inspiration, delight, and sex, sex, sex. At some point, however, this phase ends. (I’m sorry, it just does. It may take a few months or a decade, but it does.) I’m not saying that long term relationships can’t be romantic and sexy, but eventually, that beginning phase must end. That is why it is called the “beginning.” It is really easy to become confused about what to do next. If love affairs are about talking, having adventures, and making love, then relationships are about creating a household, meeting each other’s friends, and figuring out how much debt everyone has.

When it comes to deepening a commitment, the first question I would ask is, “Can you navigate conflict?” So, check. Here are some questions I suggest you ask yourself.

Ask Yourself These 5 Questions:

  1. Do I love his skin?


Do you long to touch him, hold his hand, love his smell, and his physical presence? Interestingly, chemistry tends to last whether or not you’re in a period of more or less desire for each other. I know this is not your standard “expert” advice, but when skin loves skin, touch can trump many disagreements.

  1. Is he nice?


He may be brilliant, hilarious, and handsome but, you know? SO WHAT. While these are truly desirable qualities, they are not the most important when it comes to making a relationship last. Most important is the ability and willingness to be kind, generous, open-hearted, and decent. Is he a good person? If you believe he is, proceed. If you are not really sure (and who hasn’t loved a bad boy?), um, at least take note.

  1. Am I 100% certain that this relationship can work?


If the answer is “yes,” I’d be suspicious. “No” is a much more sane answer. I mean, who is certain? When I hear someone say, “He’s everything I ever dreamed of!” I get scared. I’m not saying that your beloved shouldn’t surpass every expectation of what you imagined love to be, but there comes a point in every relationship where you have to choose between who this person is and who you wished he was. When you are relating to a real person rather than a fantasy person, there is always some uncertainty. That’s a good sign.

  1. Can I talk to him about things I care about?


This is different than, “Do we share values and interests?” For me, my husband and I could have almost nothing in common.. I like to read and hang about inside. He might like to go fishing. But if I feel that I can share with him what is in my heart of hearts, that’s essential.

  1. Can I imagine loving him a little bit more than I love the idea of “us?”


If you can each hold your love for the other just slightly above your love of the relationship you have, you will be capable of creating a truly happy bond. This is the key to the whole thing. If you can love him and care for him more than loving the idea of being in a relationship, then just go for it!

Last but not least, talk about it


Take some time and contemplate these questions. If your answers make you want to deepen your commitment, then decide whether or not you’d like to discuss moving ahead.


Unfortunately, no one can tell you exactly what to say. Just trust yourself. Be honest. Talk about what you feel and what you’re uncertain about. Share your fears without expecting him to soothe them. Share your longings without expecting him to satisfy them. Share what is in your heart. At the end of the conversation, you may or may not be in agreement or even know what to do next, but you will have become more intimate.

While romance always fades, intimacy has no end, none whatsoever. Every interaction you have can deepen it whether you agree with each other, disagree, or have no idea what is going on. You can count on that.


And That’s the way LOVE goes…

love 1

Someone recently told me ‘You don’t fall in Love, it just happens’. With a smile, a wink, a wave, you are soon wondering how your first name sounds with his last name. Love is a tricky business and it happens when you are least expecting it and in the most unusual way.

Whether you just started dating someone or you’ve been in a happy relationship for a while now, its super exciting (and Yes, super scary) when things are going well. But before that rainbow coloured four letter word comes up, its not uncommon to question your feelings for the other person. Sure there’s the butterflies that come when you first start seeing someone. But how do you know when lust turns to love? Do you really love them, or is it purely physical? Continue reading

Are You Too Good For Him?!

Everyone dates the wrong people all the time. We’ve all been there, done that! In fact, it is definitive that before you finally find the right person to settle down with, you will date people who are not just bad for you, but also, who are not good enough for you.

How do we know then, if we are too good for him or her? Is it low self esteem or being ruled by chemistry as opposed to logic? Whatever the case may be, sometimes we end up with someone we’re simply too good for, and when we do, we need to bail!

But when you’ve fallen in love with someone and the brain has kicked into that mode where all that matters is that person, morning, noon and night; clarity and reason bid adieu! It is then, when you need to summon the strength and be able to pick up on the signs that your partner is simply not good enough for you.

Here are eight signs that can help you shake such people out of your life. You need to make a move to get out now and find someone who’s worthy of all the fantastic things you have to offer. Continue reading

Faith and Trust and Pixie Dust!


They say a little trust always goes a long way. It is the glue that holds all relationships. Building trust in a relationship is one of the most rewarding and difficult things you can do to improve your relationship. It involves both partners being mindful, being present, and being committed to a healthy relationship at all times.

Nothing can bring more joy to life than beautifully fulfilling relationships. A healthy relationship is about being comfortable and confident with each other. Relationships thrive when trust is strong. So what can one do to create a strong and trusting relationship with one’s partner and how does one build it in the first place? Marriage should be a refuge not a worry. Here are a few dos and don’ts that promise a healthy, happy relationship

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8 Makeup Mistakes that add to your age!

Unless you are an eight year old who is sneaking in on her mother’s vanity, you probably do not want to apply make up to look older. Yet, almost all of us unintentionally end up looking older due to small make up mistakes  – myself included. When I get dark circles, I tend to conceal it with lots of foundation and end up looking like a panda instead of concealing it artfully! Anddd it happens quite often unfortunately (sob, sob)

With so much being said about the correct way to apply make-up and what to do and what to avoid, you might think that this article is just another one of those puff pieces flooding your timeline. In truth, where the less is more adage falls true, you are most definitely making at least one of these mistakes when applying your makeup. EVERYDAY!

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Editor’s Pick Of The Month – D.R.D.P. Sofa

An auction, An exhibition and An International event with the who’s who of the Interior world + an amazing product to drool over = Highlights of our very busy month at Treniq! Could life get any more interesting?

layout (1)

While the sun gods play hide and seek, we decided to celebrate Spring anyway. Our way of doing this is of course to take you through the lovely world of design and luxury. It’s a journey full of splashes of colour, styles and collectibles woven into various slugs, so what if the sky outside swings from a dreary grey to a dull blue.

While on this cheerful note, let me slip in a confession. The reason for our joie de vivre is not just the weather. Some of the most respected names in the world of interiors are a part of this editorial. Embark on a journey with us as we try to understand what makes Arjun Kanhai tick; the design exuberance of Farrago Designs; the opulent style of Brabbu; the energy of young guns like Hurley Marble and Bat Eye. We also get to know Slow…

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Clarins Beauty Flash Balm: Review!

Dull, dreary, dry… winter is not the kindest season to my otherwise supple, normal skin. Now that its finally over and I’m coming out of my hibernation, I’m not really loving the feel of my skin in the harsh light of summers. I feel dry, dull and tired-looking.

With the change in season, it’s time to gear up for summers and pack away the heavy-duty moisturizers in favor of light-weight lotions. Since it’s difficult for my skin to adjust to the fact that it’s not freezing cold outside, I am always on the lookout for something that can transform my dull skin to fresh and dewy. And let’s face it, it would take nothing short of a miracle to do THAT! So you can imagine my excitement as I share with you a product that not only makes me look well-rested but has now become a favorite ‘watering-hole’ for my skin! Let me introduce you to my skin’s BFF- *drum rolls* –

The Clarins Beauty Flash Balm


What is it?

A light-weight formula designed to brighten, tighten and transform your skin in a flash. I call it “my personal face-lift” in a tube. Yes, it literally takes a super flash second to give your skin a dewy radiance.

How to use it –

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm can be used in two ways –

  1. As a Primer – It’s best to use this balm before applying foundation. The olive extracts and witch hazel present in the balm tighten the skin while making it look fresh and dewy. Since I do not use foundation on a daily basis, I applied the beauty balm after my moisturizer and followed it up with kohl and lip balm.

  1. As a Mask – I absolutely loved this product as a mask. It says on the box to apply a thick layer of the balm all over your face for 10-15 minutes. Since it is an expensive product, I applied a moderate layer to my face for 15 minutes and wiped it off with a wet face tissue. Do not wash your face. I could literally feel my skin soaking in all the moisture when I left the balm on my face.

Clarins- Fresh Face

Next Morning: Fresh, soft, hydrated skin after removing the mask.


The balm is light-weight and creamy in texture. It is peach in color and has a lovely European scent. Best suited for dry to normal skin types, if you have oily skin, give this product a miss.

Clarins - application

The Good –

  • Hydrating
  • Light-weight
  • Absorbs fast
  • Great as a primer and even better as a mask
  • Makes the skin look fresh and radiant

The Not-so-Good –

  • May not work on oily skin
  • The price – a bit steep for an everyday product but great for a once-a-week indulgence
  • Not so easily available in India.

My Experience With Clarins Beauty Flash Balm –

I loved the product as a balm. A miracle worker for tired skin, it is the perfect balm for my dull and dry skin. I felt it was a bit expensive as an everyday moisturizer but I’m definitely using it as a weekly treatment mask for my pollution-abused face.

Would I Recommend It?

Definitely! It’s a must-have for every beauty aficionado and I give it a 5/5 as a mask and 4/5 as a primer.



Happy Easter Friends!

Happy Easter Sunday - Kritika Sharma


Happy Easter to all my Blogging Bunnies from all over the world… Much Love, Kritzy!

“Easter is the time of love, of family, and of peace. It is a time when we say quiet thanks for all that we have and for all that the future holds.” – Anna Marie Edwards

So, Let’s gather around the breakfast table and enjoy a heartiest meal filled with love, laughter and happiness!

Here’s a super cute- super easy recipe for Easter breakfast that is going to win your kids’ hearts :

Bunny Pancakes - Easter Breakfast

Bunny Apple and Cinnamon Pancakes:


1 1/2 cups of old-fashioned oatmeal

2 eggs

2 egg whites

280 grams of peeled red apple

1 teaspoon of baking soda

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

2-3 teaspoons of coconut sugar OR 2-3 envelopes of stevia (optional)

Blend all ingredients and cook as regular pancakes.

For Decoration : Bananas and chocolate chips for the bunnies feet (to be used to make paws)

Whipped cream and shredded coconut for the white puffy tail.

Some goji berries for the flowers.

To add a little oomph to your breakfast setting, here is a little video from YouTube that shows an extremely simple way of folding napkins into Easter Bunnies 🙂


Hope you all have a great Easter Sunday and a wonderful weekend. Happy Easter Friends!


Through The Mist Of Emotions!

such_is_life I’ve really been pondering lately over what to do with this little piece of my life. Clearly I’ve been doing something else, because I sure as heck haven’t been writing much. I’ve been so sporadic with posting that I may as well not call myself a blogger anymore… and if I have to say “Sorry for the absence (yet again)” one more time, I may just stop following myself. I have to be honest. I have sat down to write my posts so many times now that I’ve lost count. I tried to write it in the middle of the struggles I’m facing, just to update everyone and to spill my heart a little bit, because I needed some therapy but the words wouldn’t come. Well, honestly – the words came, but they weren’t the words I wanted to say. I was bitter. I was questioning God. I was emotional. And my words showed it. I don’t want to be someone who publicly doubts God, even when my heart is feeling it – I don’t want to show it. If you are friends with me or know me personally, this is old news to you, but I still need to write it, even if its just for me. Because my heart changed, my spirit has awakened, and I see everything just a little bit differently, as cliché as that sounds. I’ve always had trouble expressing myself in front of others. Yes! Hard to believe as it may be, not even my family knows the true “ME”! In real life I come across as a happy-go-lucky, talkative girl – someone who manages to smile through the worst situations, so much so, that I have at times been called an Ice Princess to my face (for being emotionally detached). But to tell you the truth, I can actually count the number of people who ACTUALLY know me, on one hand. I compartmentalize everything. Broken, Sad, Angry, Disappointed…I have many small boxes in my heart where I simply lock everything I’m not ready to face, and forget about it. It’s not the same as bottling things up until they overflow; they are more like Pandora’s boxes- forgotten till eternity or all hell will break loose. A survivor’s mechanism – Yes, but this has changed me over time – and HOW! I crave for someone who understands how I feel without my having to say anything, explain anything, justify anything! Since I’m sure as hell never going to find one like that, I have taken the first nervous baby steps into this world of journaling my feelings online – where I hope to find people, who mirror my emotions, ramble on, talk, chat.. and just plain feel better about themselves without the scare of people judging them. Confused as ever, I really didn’t know what to call this little space of mixed emotions. I wanted to write about ‘words I wish I had said’, ‘random musings of a sentimental dreamer’, ‘confessions of a hopeless romantic’, ‘chronicles of an unpredictable drama queen’, so, I choose to call it – ‘LIFE AS I KNOW IT’ – as someone who is trying to learn the uncomfortable art of letting herself be seen. Because beneath the makeup and behind the smile, I’m just a girl who wishes for the world. Kritika_Sharma

CANSA – Share To Care

CANSA - relay for life

Catching up with a friend who lives in South Africa, last night I found out that Michelle has been super, super busy these past weeks organizing a team to support the CANSA Relay For Life in her hometown – Port Shepstone.

Now, I know she runs her own business, takes care of her home and family and is currently spending every free minute trying to make this Cancer Relay a whooping success. I innocently asked her, “Do you enjoy it?” Knowing how exhausted she was, I thought she’d say that she is tired and would like a break, but she surprised me by saying that she loves every minute of it! I was really inspired by her commitment to this cause. Her motivation to give back to the community, even though she herself isn’t directly affected, it is extremely impressive and takes a tremendous amount of empathy.

And this got me thinking – What can I do to help out on a larger scale. Sure, I’ve spent time volunteering as a teacher at NGOs, donate clothes and food at shelters, but what could I do to help at a global level? And then it dawned on me – “SPREAD THE WORD, MAKE PEOPLE AWARE!” Thus, today I urge EVERY ONE of you lovely readers to help out the community. You don’t have to donate money, all you need to do is – Share to Care! Share this blog and use the social media to the advantage of this noble cause.

CANSA - Relay for life

The CANSA Relay For Life is part of an international movement that unites cancer survivors and the communities that care about them. It offers everyone in the community the opportunity to fight against cancer and to honor those who have been touched by cancer.

Relay for life is a fun, overnight team event which is Volunteer driven and Community owned. At the relay, each team of 10-15 members commit to having at least one team member walking around the track at all times for 18-24 hours, because cancer neither slumbers nor sleeps! After sunset, tribute is paid in a very emotive Luminaria Ceremony by lighting candles inside luminaria bags which encircle the track – these bags are dedicated to those who have lost their battle, to those who are still fighting and to those who have won their struggle against cancer.

Find out more about the CANSA RELAY FOR LIFE here!


Friends, it doesn’t matter where in the world you live, today, take a moment to support this noble cause by clicking the share button (it literally takes a minute). You can join me in supporting this event by making it viral in the hopes of making people aware. Every little bit helps!

CANSA - Relay for life

I’ve Shown My Support. What About You?